The 2016 farming season is coming to a close and we have a lot to look back on! We weathered a summer drought that has been categorized as a disaster in our county. That being said, we managed to raise a successful crop of organic veggies for our farmers market, CSA, restaurants and wholesale customers. The drought deepened our appreciation and respect for the water resources around us, and reminded us of how quickly water shortages impact food systems.

The Autumn brought another fantastic Common Ground Country Fair to town, which was as busy and exciting as ever. We are so glad to see thousands of visitors come from near and far to immerse themselves in organic agriculture and the traditions of rural Maine. A portion of the profits from our Salad Cowboys food booth were donated to our Volunteer Regional Food Pantry.

Winter is here and that means the Christmas Tree stand is up! Farmer Jim will be selling holiday trees and wreaths in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. After the last tree is sold and sent off with it's holiday owners, the farm will spend a quiet winter planning our next growing season.

Thanks to all those who made 2016 a success!
If you have any questions about our products or our farm please feel free to contact us
Your Farmers, Jim and Hannah