When does the CSA begin?

Most seasons we begin in the middle of June, however, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature! Some seasons she allows us to start early but there are times we can not start as early as we want to. Our 2015 Summer Share started on June 18th. All of our CSA members receive email updates that will let them know when the CSA begins.

How many weeks is the CSA?

The summer veggie CSA is 20 weeks in total, and can start in early June or later depending on weather and other growing factors. Our one exception to this is a 10 week share at our Bayside Farmers Market location due to the market schedule.
The flower share is an 8 week share that usually begins in the last week of July.
The herb share is a 10 week share that usually begins in the last week of July.
The tomato share is a 7 week share that usually begins in the first week of August.
The winter share is a 10 week share that starts when the summer share ends.

Are your products organic?

Some are certified organic and some are not.  Since we have only farmed two seasons here the previously farmed land needs one more year of organic practices used to pass inspection. The newly farmed land was certified last season, we farm all of our products organically. At the Egleston Square Farmers Market we label all of the organic produce as such and are happy to review CSA items to specify what is organic and what is conventional.

What happens if we can not make it to the pick up on the day we signed up for?

It is very important that you show up to collect your shares at your chosen location, during our pick-up hours. We can only provide your share on the day that you signed up for, and we cannot replace shares that are not picked up. You may send a friend to pick up your share for you, just have them give your name at pickup.

Where are your CSA Pick Up Locations?
Bayside Farmers Market in Riggles Park from 2pm-5pm. This market is located in Northport's charming and historic Bayside area, just 10 minutes south of Belfast.

Agricultural Hall 245 Amory St, Jamaica Plain ( between Stony Brook T station and The Brewery Complex). Pick up from 4pm-6pm
Temple Israel Boston
entrance at 477 Longwood Ave. Pick up from 4pm-6pm. We will also have a market stand at this pick up location that is open to the public.

• At the farm in Unity, Maine. Customers can pick up their shares from our walk-in cooler at the farm from 1pm-4pm. 43 Fisher Rd, Unity, ME, 04988
Bucksport Bay Farmers Market from 2pm-5pm (next to the post office on Main St) .

• Egleston Square Farmers' Market, 10am-2pm at the Amory Brewery Complex, Germania St, Jamaica Plain

What size is the CSA we will receive?

We pack you an average of $22.50 worth of veggies each week.  Some weeks there is far more and some weeks a little less.

Can we visit the farm?

We welcome CSA customers for one weekend in September.  CSA customers are encouraged to come camping for the weekend in September during The Common Ground Fair.