The Buckle Farm is a small, diversified farm and orchard located in the rural town of Unity, Maine.

The farm originated in Massachusetts, where farmers Jim Buckle and Hannah Hamilton had lived for many years. However, both Jim and Hannah were born in Maine and when they found that their current land was for sale, they knew it was the right place to be.

The farm sits on a gently sloping ridge and has an orchard of mixed apple, pear and plum varieties.  Jim and Hannah have received MOFGA organic certification for the orchard and some crop land, and expect the farm to make a full transition to organic in the coming year. In addition to fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables, the farm is also home to a small herd of pasture-raised hogs and a lively cattle dog named Lemmy.

Although the farm has moved locations, it has retained many of its Boston-area customer base. Jim delivers produce to Boston restaurants and CSA customers weekly and sets up a farm stand at Turtle Swamp Brewing in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood every weekend. Produce also makes its way to the greater Portland area and to neighbors of the farm in Maine. The Buckle Farm will expand its reach in Maine in the coming season.

Transitioning and rejuvenating the farm is at turns incredibly challenging and deeply rewarding. Jim and Hannah are grateful for the support of the chefs, CSA members, and market customers that have supported the farm through it all, as well as for the hand-on help that they have received from friends, family and fellow farmers.

The Buckle Farm looks forward to growing into it's new home in New England, and hopes that you will join them.